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"I am dedicated to making you happy about our service because it's so great. I promise you will be pleased!" - Frank Basefield

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Words from our COO

Teambuilding is a true passion for me – Teams are the living cells in every company, family, organization or institution.  We love partnering with wonderful teams from companies like KPMG, Transnet, VWSA, NMMU etc. Even engaging the smaller clients to facilitate change & positive growth by focusing on positivity & strengths.   Teambuilding is more than fun & games, more than food & venues – it is the science of creating new worlds by shaping the ideas we create and the words we give life to.  I am so rich for having made so many friends though our work in this sphere of learning and support.  My motto - Exudare – Ooooze life and enthusiasm in everything you do!  DV ... we are passionate about people!