Dynamic Vision is committed to partnering with our youth development company, DV Adventures, to uplift and equip the youth of the Eastern Cape and elsewhere, as we grow.  We currently run leadership development training camps and programs with the following educational institutions & foundations:

NMMU SRC & Golden Key Committees;  Kingswood College Leaders;  The GM Foundation; Framesby Prefects;   Willow Academy;  St Thomas Prefects;  Mount Pleasant;  Collegiate High Gr11 & Prefects;  Grey High & Grade 6;  Gelvan Park Primary Gr6 & 7;   Oak Hill Private School;  Verkenner;  Westering High & Primary;  Linkside High;  Lawson Brown;  Westville Senior Secondary;  Bethelsdorp High;  Gelvandale High;  The Ubuntu Foundation – various programs;  Youth for Christ South Africa;  Scripture Union Algoa;  African Enterprise Foxfire Team; St Dominic's Priory;  Sanctor; West End Primary;  St Augustines;  Harvest Christian School;  Parkside Primary  etc.

Harvest Christian School - http://www.harvestschool.co.za

Kingswood College - 

Framesby High School - http://www.framesby.co.za

Lawson Brown High School - http://www.lawsonbrown.co.za/

Woodridge School - https://www.woodridge.co.za/

We facilitate sessions in:

  • Temperament styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Prefect Training
  • Leadership development
  • Study Skills
  • Team dynamics 
  • Self Image & goal setting
  • Outdoor skills
  • Decision making
  • Image & personal development

We are currently looking at implementing a mentoring program to support high-level leaders in schools.  We are also committed to training the Foxfire youth teams that work with youth across the country.

Corporate Sponsorship's

Are you going on a Dynamic Vision team build? Do you want to impact local youth? We can do a “PIGGYBACK” where we can 'load your fee' slightly, thereby enabling us to subsidize a youth team build together! For example, if your team build costs R8,000 – you can agree to pay R9,000. We pay in rand for rand the amount you decide to subsidize - We then sponsor a youth team R2,000 – and that could give 20 kids a subsidy of R100 each on their camp! And we can organise that we hold the Youth team build over the same period, close by – so you can even meet with them!

Service – Support – Subsidy 

Interested? Give us a shout & we can set it up!

Click here to visit the Youth Development arm of Dynamic Vision.

Words from our COO

Teambuilding is a true passion for me – Teams are the living cells in every company, family, organization or institution.  We love partnering with wonderful teams from companies like KPMG, Transnet, VWSA, NMMU etc. Even engaging the smaller clients to facilitate change & positive growth by focusing on positivity & strengths.   Teambuilding is more than fun & games, more than food & venues – it is the science of creating new worlds by shaping the ideas we create and the words we give life to.  I am so rich for having made so many friends though our work in this sphere of learning and support.  My motto - Exudare – Ooooze life and enthusiasm in everything you do!  DV ... we are passionate about people!