The Way We Do Our Teambuilds

We offer P.D.T.S. the Process Driven Teambuild Strategy to all teams, where the emphasis is on building strong teams through developing caring relationships. Using a 70/30 split – We believe 70% of time & resources should be incorporated into the team wrestling with physical & mental challenges & the remaining 30% applied to related theory that can develop teamwork psychology, cohesion & positivity!  The aim is Team Synergy!


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    Discussion and needs analysis

Initial client contact

Relationship establishment

Idea generation & discussion

Teamwork assessment

Planning for specific teambuild


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    Theory and Application

Teambuilding Intervention

Purposeful mix of activities

70% Fun and activity based sessions

30% Theoretical & operational coaching

Having a day or a night out with the team

Follow Through

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    Feedback and Follow Through

Review of past experience

Assessment of progress

Setting new goals



This experiential learning promotes the benefits of enhanced communication; the Management of energy; building team cohesion and many other important skills. 

Team Building Benefits

  • Promotes an atmosphere of fun & involvement so that teams can “play” & learn together 
  • Increase awareness of employee behaviour, temperament & skills
  • Assists in Identifying one's own limitations & strengths in a safe environment
  • Involves multiple levels of personnel within your organisation to work together
  • Promotes employee confidence and loyalty by inspiring teamwork
  • Provides a forum where teams can relate and share their team goals in an informal manner.

Make it Happen

Challenge your employees and their clients, suppliers & partner organizations in an original and creative way and let them develop through our Corporate Team Building challenges and activities. These Indoor Team Building and Outdoor Team Building activities can be an excellent way to reward team performance, at the same time helping to grow Team Spirit, Safety at Work and Productivity. Team effectiveness is strengthened when the correct level of competition is incorporated into the Team Building activities and teams can engage each other in a environment.

OUR Clients Include:

Coke; Heineken; Standard Bank; Canon; DHL; Nedbank, The GM Foundation; First National Bank; Vodacom; General Motors; NICRO; ADT, Saffil Automotive; 105 different teams from Volkswagen SA, NMMU SRC and International Office, The Office of the Premier,  ANC Local Gvt. The House of Traditional Leaders,  Transnet NCT, Red Bull,  FRB Auditors,  East Cape Training Centre.


Teambuilding Experiences


Take a break from the conference sessions and consider some of our Indoor Team Building or Outdoor Team Building Challenges, designed to develop team cohesion and unity. 

Teambuilding Activities

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    Obstacles & MMA
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    Amazing Race
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    Paintball and target shooting
  • Mountaineering
  • Raftbuilding and canoe trails
  • Master Chef
  • Funtastic Team Tasks
  • Murder Mystery Series
  • Survivor Africa
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    Fire Frenzy
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    Drumming & Indian War Dance
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    Sports Spectaculars - Jazzball

Words from our COO

Teambuilding is a true passion for me – Teams are the living cells in every company, family, organization or institution.  We love partnering with wonderful teams from companies like KPMG, Transnet, VWSA, NMMU etc. Even engaging the smaller clients to facilitate change & positive growth by focusing on positivity & strengths.   Teambuilding is more than fun & games, more than food & venues – it is the science of creating new worlds by shaping the ideas we create and the words we give life to.  I am so rich for having made so many friends though our work in this sphere of learning and support.  My motto - Exudare – Ooooze life and enthusiasm in everything you do!  DV ... we are passionate about people!